Argue for a Lesser Punishment in Your Criminal Case

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If you’ve been the subject of a criminal prosecution for weeks or even months, you’re likely under a lot of pressure from the defense, the prosecution—and maybe even the jury. You don’t have to give up and accept the worst possible punishment for your crimes.

Are you ready to plead guilty? You can trust Theresa N. Johns to fight for the best possible outcome in your plea bargain. By taking a plea bargain, you could end up serving less time, lessening the charges or even dropping some charges altogether. Call our law office at 803-318-4007 for a confidential legal consultation.

Not sure if a plea bargain is the best deal for you?

As an accused criminal, you’re likely being pulled in many different directions by lawyers, friends and counselors. We can guarantee that there’s at least one person in Columbia, SC who has your best interests at heart: Theresa N. Johns.

Don’t give up on your case just yet. Call Theresa N. Johns, Attorney at Law for a private consultation.

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