Expunge Your Criminal Charges

Theresa N. Johns, criminal attorney in Columbia, SC can help

If you’ve ever been charged with a crime, you might be familiar with the consequences of having a tarnished record. But your past mistakes shouldn’t govern your ability to live a normal life after you've paid your debt to society. The criminal justice system believes in second chances. Let Theresa N. Johns fight for an expungement of your past crime.

“Am I eligible for an expungement of my record?”

Have you suffered the consequences of a criminal record? Theresa N. Johns can clear most past crimes from your record. Chances are, you can get your record cleared if:
• You have finished your probation
• You have followed all court orders
• One year has passed since your judgment
• You have obeyed all laws subsequent to your judgment
• And there are no new charges against you

Don’t spend another minute with the stigma of a past crime staining your record. Call our law office today at 803-318-4007 for more information.

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