Don’t Let Your Loved One Sit in Jail

Reduce the bond for their felony or misdemeanor case in Columbia, SC

If your loved one has been arrested for a crime in Columbia, you might be wondering how you’ll come up with the money for a bail bond. So what’s the good news? Bonds are meant to be bargained. That’s where our law office comes in. It doesn’t matter if you’re loved one has been charged with:
• A drug crime
• Robbery
• …Even murder

There’s always a deal to be negotiated. Call Theresa N. Johns, Attorney at Law today to reduce that bond.

Protect your loved one’s basic rights

Bail is your right as a citizen of South Carolina. That means that bail needs to be achievable and reasonable. If you think your loved one’s bail is set too high, there’s a good chance that we can get it reduced substantially.

Don’t hesitate while your loved one sits in a jail cell. Call our law office at 803-318-4007 for a private consultation.

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